Maxwell the Spider

Make Maxwell More Colorful

Coloring isn’t just for crayons, you know…use colored pencils, markers, pens, or even paints (to name a few) on these coloring pages. Or, maybe, draw more characters on the pages or create beautiful and crazy backgrounds. Maybe Maxwell is scuba diving on the moon?! Use YOUR colorful imagination!

How to Draw Maxwell

There is no wrong way to draw Maxwell! Make him big or small or fat or tall–any way you want at all! But if you want to draw him kind of like how I draw him, follow the instructions below. Remember, your drawing doesn’t need to look like mine! And it shouldn’t really, it should be YOUR own special style. Most importantly, have fun!

Play with Maxwell

Come play with Maxwell and help him solve these fun puzzles.

Create Your Own Maxwell Adventure

If you’ve read the book, and we hope that you have, you already know that there are pages inside for you to make your own drawing of what you imagine Maxwell can do. Here are some extra “Draw Me Here” pages so you can create as many adventures as you want!

We Want to See! Pleeease!

We, and Maxwell of course, would LOVE to see your creations and post them on his social media sites. Send us your drawings, coloring pages, activity sheets, sculptures (okay sculptures don’t email so well, please send a picture), photographs, or any other creation . Click to upload Or post them on social media with the hashtag #maxwellthespider